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Covid-19 Procedures

  1. Masks must be worn at all times both pre race and post race when you are on the race site.  You are able to run/walk without a mask when you are on the course.  Please do not take off your mask until you cross the starting line.  Once you catch your breath at the finish, please put your mask back on.
  2. Keep 6 feet apart.  During pre and post race, please keep distance between you and others unless you live in the same household.  Areas to be especially aware of this:  Porta Potty Lines; Check In Lines; Food Line; and Beer Line.
  3. If you feel sick, please STAY HOME.  We ask you do not come to the event if you are not feeling well or have been around someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19.
  4. Run on the RIGHT.  Pass on the LEFT.  Make sure you run on the right side of the road, and when you pass someone, only pass on the left.  Please yell out you are passing so runners in front of you are aware, and try to maintain 6 feet distance when passing.
  5. No spitting or nose rockets.  Please to do not spit or blow a nose rocket.  No need to explain this more
  6. Listen to volunteers.  They are here to help us have a safe and fun race.  Without them we would not be able to have this event.  If they ask you to do something, please respect what they ask.


Changes from a Normal Race

  1. No day of registration.  Races are limited and once it sells out the only option will be virtual.
  2. At Check in:  Please leave space between you and the person in front of you at check in.  The volunteer will hand you your bib and safety pins.
  3. Start of the race.  This will be a rolling start.  Please do not line up at the starting line.  Keep your distance.  The race director will call out 7 minute mile and under runners to start.  At that time all runners in that category be able to cross the line and start the race.  After they clear the RD will call out 7-8 minute mile runners.  Once they clear the RD will call the next group and so on. Please ONLY start in your mile time so we can create the distance we need for a safe race.
  4. Water on the course. There is NO water station on the course.  If you feel you might need water on the course, please come prepared.  There will be water bottles at the finish line.  A volunteer will hand you the bottle.  Please do not take bottles off the table.
  5. Finish line.  When you come through the finish line please do not stop.  Head all the way out of the chute.  We do not want the runners behind you to run into you.
  6. Post Race Snacks.  There will be some snacks post race.  There is an entrance sign and exit sign.  Please follow the directions and keep your distance.
  7. Awards.  There will not be computer kiosks to check your time.  You can use your phone to check results at www.fusionracetiming.com/results or when you get home you can check on your computer.
  8. Awards Ceremony.  There will not be an awards ceremony.  There will be an awards table.  If you check your results and determine you placed in your age group, you can head over to the table once the RD makes an announcement to claim your award.

How am I supposed to wear my race bib?

Wearing your race bib correctly is imperative to getting an accurate read and result on race day. Participants not wearing the bib correctly stand the chance of missing a read and not getting an official time. Bibs should not be worn between layers of clothing that may become wet from rain or sweat. Click here for instructions on how to properly wear your race bib.

What are the time limits for the races? Is the race walker friendly?

Walkers are welcome in all the races. Our 5K courses are open for 1 hour. Our 10K courses are open for 2 hours. Our 5 Mile courses are open for 1.5 hours. Our 10 Mile courses are open for 3 hours. Our 13.1 Mile courses are open for 3.5 hours.

Will I receive a refund if I cannot attend?

Fusion Racing does NOT process refunds for events.

Are winners chosen by chip time or gun time? What is the difference?

Overall winners (including Masters if applicable) are always scored by the gun time. Age group winners are scored by their chip time.
“Gun time” refers to the time it takes you to complete the race, from when the starting gun goes off at the beginning of the race to the moment you cross the finish line.
Chip time is another way of saying “net time”, or the actual amount of time it takes a runner/walker to go from the starting line of a race to the finish line.
If you think you are in contention for an overall award you should start the race as close to the starting line as possible.

Are baby joggers or strollers allowed during the race?

If you choose to run with a baby jogger, you must seed yourself in the last corral–behind all other runners. It is your responsibility to make sure your baby jogger does not impede other runners, and you must take extra precaution to ensure your safety, your child’s safety, and the safety of the runners around you. We reserve the right to pull any participant from the race who is endangering other runners or themselves.

While you do not have to register the person in the stroller, please ask for a rider bib at packet pick up. There is not cost for a rider bib.

Why do I need a Rider Bib and what do I get with my Rider Bib?

For your continued safety, it’s important that race officials are aware of each person on the race course. In a medical situation, your emergency contact information will be obtained from your rider bib. Rider bibs give you access to the race course only. Riders do not receive any race swag, including but not limited to; race shirt, medal, finisher item, finisher food, etc. A rider is permitted to register, at the current registration rate, as a race participant instead of as a Rider if he/she wishes to enjoy all of the race benefits.

Are pets permitted on the course?

For the safety of the participants and spectators, pets are not permitted in any of the Fusion Racing races.

Are headphones (iPods, mp3 players, etc) allowed during the race?

Headphones are allowed for any runner who is not competing for a cash prize (if a cash prize is associated with the race).

However, we do strongly encourage that participants abstain from using headphones during the race.

Can I wear someone else’s bib who cannot make the race?

It is imperative that the registration data associated with your race number does in fact belong to you, the participant.
While wearing someone else’s bib may seem harmless to the parties perpetrating the unauthorized bib transfer, it does convey serious consequences to the organizers and participant field alike.

From race results to finishers’ awards being impacted as well as medical staff being able to correctly identify participants in need of treatment, it is imperative that the registration data associated with your race number does in fact belong to you, the participant.

Thus, if race organizers become aware that a runner has participated in one of our events with a bib that is not registered to that runner, both the runner and the person to whom the bib is registered will be prohibited from participating in subsequent Fusion Racing events for a minimum of two years.

Race Awards

Congrats on your award from the race! Sorry you were not able to stick around for the award ceremony. You can pick up your award at Captain Blue Hen Comics located at 280 East Main Street, Newark, DE 19711 in Market East Plaza. Your award will be there the Wednesday after the race and will be available for pick up for two weeks.
*We are not able to mail awards.